Bellydance at Root Foundation Rwanda

In September 2018 I am planning to move to Rwanda. I'll be doing a number of dance projects, including working with the girls and young women from Root Foundation, and organisation in Kigali.

Root Foundation works with street children and adolescents to help them create a brighter future for themselves.  One of their programs is aimed for personal development for the children through after school activities. Through my dance classes, I will be supporting the aims of Root Foundation after school program to help the girls and young women that I will be working with in gaining more confidence, finding new motoric skills through dance techniques, learn about music theory through finger cymbal playing,...

I am trying to raise £2200 to support this project. This money will go to paying for my time for one year teaching the children every week as well as transport costs to and from root foundation. It will also cover additional fees such as purchasing some finger cymbals for the children as well as purchasing bellydance scarves for the children to use.

I have taught a few classes now at Root Foundation and it's been incredible to see the joy the children experience while learning this new dance. I feel extremely passionate about this project and hope you can see the potential benefits these classes can provide the children.