Hilde Cannoodt is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, world traveller and lifelong student. Currently based in London, Hilde teaches weekly classes both in Brighton and in London, teaching Tribal Fusion classes for students of all levels. Apart from her weekly classes, she teaches workshops worldwide combining her studies in Tribal Fusion, Contemporary Dance and Choreology (movement analysis). She is founder of the Tribal Remix Festival, a 4 day Tribal Fusion festival in Brighton.


Other upcoming events

Upcoming events in Brighton and London and Hilde's touring schedule

June 2015

2 - weekly ATS level 3 classes in Hove with Charlotte
3 - weekly ATS level 1/2 classes in Brighton with Charlotte
5-7 - Roma Tribal Meeting, Rome, Italy
13-14 - Under The Looking Glass, a 2 day choreology intensive. Sacramento, CA. email amysigil@yahoo.com for more information.
16 - Underground Nomads - performance, San Francisco, CA.
28 - Student troupe rehearsal
29 - weekly Tribal Fusion level 2 and 3 classes in London with Hilde

July 2015

10-12 - Silvestre Intensive with Rosangela Silvestre and Vera Passos. Brighton, UK
19 - student troupe rehearsal

August 2015

23 - student troupe rehearsal

September 2015

13 - student troupe rehearsal

October 2015

9-15 - Dahab Retreat - 5 day yoga and bellydance retreat with Hilde Cannoodt in Dahab, Egypt
23-25 - Celebrating Dance - Devon, UK
31 - workshops and show as part of Belly Dance Indonesia - Jakarta, Indonesia (runs until 1st November)

November 2015 - Asia tour

1 - workshops and show as part of Belly Dance Indonesia - Jakarta, Indonesia (starts 31st October)
7-8 - workshops and show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
14-15 - workshops and show in Tokyo, Japan

January 2016

16-17 - Tribal Remix Salvador, Brazil - with Violet Scrap, Hilde Cannoodt, Bela Saffe and Cibelle Souza

May 2016

28-29 - Deviation - Violet Scrap and Hilde Cannoodt - 10 hour dance intensive in London