Curriculum Vitae Hilde Cannoodt

Degrees and certifications

June 2015: DanceCraft Key of Diamonds. Certification programme taught by Zoe Jakes. California, US

2012 - 2015: Specialist diploma course in Choreology at Laban Contemporary School of Dance. London, UK

2014: 200 hour yoga teacher training diploma - Being In Unity. Brighton, UK

2009 - 2011: Diploma course at Laban Contemporary School of Dance. London, UK

September 2007: General Skills with Carolena Nericcio - FatChanceBellyDance® (certification) - (3 days) Toronto, Canada

August 2007: JWAAD teacher training foundation course (certification) - (4 days) London, UK

2004 - 2007: BA in Dance and Visual Arts at the University of Brighton, UK

2000 - 2003: BA in Teaching Mathematics, Physics and Technology at the Heilig Hart University - Heverlee, Belgium

Work experience - highlights

September 2016: Nomad Dance Project - a collaboration with fusion artist Tenzin Harley - debuting at Tribal Remix 2016

June-July 2016: Movement For Humanity - a 3 week colloboration with choreographer Tjarda Van Straten (NL) in Kigali, Rwanda as well as a performance at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival in July 2016. more info

June 2016: Choreographer as part of the Kemptown Carnival parade. Hilde was commissioned by the Kemptown Carnival and Arts Council England.

2015-2016: Co-organiser of the Tribal Remix Salvador festival in Brazil - collaboration with Bela Saffe

2012-2016: Founder and main organiser of the Tribal Remix Festival, an annual tribal fusion dance festival.

2012: Intrepid Bodacity: a collaboration with dance artists Donna Mejia and Ela Rogers. Massachussets & California

2012: I Put A Spell On You: a collaboration with Wendy Buonaventura - Jersey

2011: founding member of Chaos Carousel, a live music and belly dance act with music from the Balkans.

2010 - 2015: cast of the Double Oh Heaven, a James Bond themed cabaret. Highlight of this ongoing show: sell out show at Brighton Fringe Festival 2015.

2009: performance for Shoto Tanemura - the Japanese Grandmaster of Genbukan Ninjutsu.

2006: founding member of Masmoudi, a tribal fusion dance collective.