Under The Looking Glass

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October 2017

This is a two day intensive where we shall be looking at tribal fusion belly dance from a Choreological perspective. Choreology is a practice in which we analyse movement from different angles of the Structural Model of Movement. This structural model focuses on 5 different aspects of movement: space, actions, the body, dynamics and relationships. Choreology gives us a better understanding of dance, which gives us the opportunity to adapt and create new ways of moving.

In this 2 day intensive we will look at what I call applied choreology. In applied choreology my aim is to find a very practical way in which the theoretic ideas of choreology can be applied to tribal fusion (or other styles of belly dance). Through observation and discussion we identify the choreological principles of tribal fusion, then we rupture these characteristics of this dance to not only have a better understanding of the dance but also find new movement pathways. In this way we use tribal fusion as a point of departure to learn about dance from a new angle.

We will briefly touch on Laban’s theories and more specifically on how they relate to our own dance practice. Laban’s theories are universal and can be applied to any style of dance, hence looking at Tribal Fusion from a Choreological perspective is an extremely helpful way to discover the movement patterns we tend to rely on. Choreology helps breaking conventions in building blocks that can help you rebuild new structures for movement. We will put Tribal Fusion under the looking glass to see its common movement patterns and to find new ways of exploring movement through space and through dynamics. We will also start looking at how choreology can be used for other ideas such as improvisation as a solo dancer and as a group effort as well as how it can be used to choreograph for solo or for group performances.

Dates and times

Saturday 7th October: 1pm - 3.30pm & 4pm - 6.30pm (30 minute break)

Sunday 8th October: 10am - 12.30pm & 1.30pm - 4pm (1 hour break)

Place to be

The Place, 17, The Duke's Road, London, WC1H 9PY (map)

Saturday 7th: 1 - 3.30pm: Founder's studio, 4 - 6.30pm: studio 9
Sunday 8th: 10 - 12.30pm: studio 3, 1.30 - 4pm: studio 5


£110 for both days or £60 per day. It is recommended to book for both days, although just Saturday is now possible as well.

Bookings can be made via bank transfer and via PayPal (see button below). If paid via PayPal, please note that an additional fee of £4 has been added to cover for paypal fees. If booking via bank transfer, please use details below AND make sure after you've made a payment that you send an email to to confirm that you've made a payment. No refunds/transfers.
Hilde Cannoodt
60 30 09

10 hours of research, practice, discovery and play.

Only 20 places available, so book now to avoid disappointment.