Rwanda Dance Retreat - SOLD OUT

8th January - 20th January 2019



This is a 10 day retreat open to any dance fanatics who wish to learn new skills, explore new cultures and visit the beautiful landscapes of The Land Of 1000 Hills.  All participants will stay at a beautiful apartment at the heart of Kigali in Kagugu. This will be an unforgettable experience and we hope you can be part of it. Scroll down to find out what's included in the package.



Included in this package:
- daily fusion belly dance lessons taught by Hilde Cannoodt
- daily morning yoga taught by Hilde Cannoodt and local guest teachers
- daily traditional Rwandan dance lessons with live drumming taught by director of Intayoberana Aline Sangwa
- a daytrip to Akagera Safari Park
- experience an evening of authentic traditional Kinyarwandan dance at Intayoberana's rehearsals
- experience an afternoon bellydance class with the children at Root Foundations
- be part of the Root Foundations Talent Show (performance option is optional, either group performances or solo performances)
- a visit to the Genocide Memorial Center in Gisozi
- a Sunday brunch and swim at Hotel Des Milles Collines
- transport to and from the airport, transport to all of the above mentioned activities
- accommodation at the Kagugu apartment

Not included in this package:
- flight to and from Kigali
- food (apart from brunch at Hotel Des Milles Collines)
- travel insurance
- visa costs ($30 to be paid upon entry - this fee is not for everyone, please check here if you need to pay this fee or not)
- costs of any vaccinations such as yellow fever, malaria pills,...
- any of the optional activities mentioned on the timetable such as evening dinners and drinks


Morning Yoga

Certified Unity Yoga instructor Hilde Cannoodt will start the day with a one hour yoga and pilates session, to condition and prepare the body and mind for the day ahead. Occasionally we will have a local guest teacher teach this class instead, to offer some variety to our participants. For more details on when the yoga classes will take place, please have a look at our schedule.

Fusion Belly Dance


Internationally acclaimed instructor Hilde Cannoodt will teach daily fusion belly dance classes. The classes are accummulative and by the end of our 8 days of training, we will have learnt a bellydance routine that we can perform at the Root Foundations Talent Show on Saturday the 19th January, for those who would like to participate. Hilde will teach technique and combinations as well as explain about her philosophy of fusion dance.



Traditional Rwandan Dance

Director of one of Rwanda's top traditional dance companies Aline Sangwa will be teaching or daily Rwandan dance classes. She will be accompanied by live drumming as percussion and dance goes hand in hand in this beautiful tradition. She will teach participants some of the basic steps in Kinyarwandan dance and will teach a little bit about the history and context of the dance within Rwandan culture. Participants will learn two choreographies as part of this retreat and will learn some of the traditional songs also. As part of the retreat we will have the privilege to witness Intayoberana's rehearsals. This will be an unforgettable experience watching some of the best dancers in Rwanda and dancing with them.

Dance Studio - Soho Fitness

Our dance studio is Soho Fitness and is located in Kicukiro. Each day a minibus will collect us to and from the apartment. Soho Fitness has a lovely mirrored studio space in which all the classes will take place. The centre also has a little restaurant upstairs, called Chap Chap, which is convenient for those who want affordable lunch options. There's also Lamane bakery opposite the studio, which has delicious cakes and coffees.


Participants will be staying at a beautiful apartment at the heart of Kigali city. Find out more information on accommodation and for fees all info is here.

Daytrip to Akagera Safari Park


Accompanied by a guide we will do a drive through the Akagera Safari Park with the chance of seeing some of its many animals including giraffes, elephants, hippos, zebras, buffalos, and many more beautiful animals.



Genocide Memorial Center

The 1994 genocide against the Tutsis is a dark chapter in Rwanda's history. We will visit the center which is also the resting place of over 250 000 genocide victims. We will have a guided tour in the center, to understand more about the history of the genocide and what Rwandans have done in the last 20 years to work towards forgiveness.

Root Foundations

Monday evening bellydance with the children

This incredible organisation provides after school activities for children in their area. Find out more about this organisation via their website. Each Monday evening Hilde provides bellydance for the girls at Root Foundations. As part of the retreat Hilde invites participants to join her and the children. Director Mugambe Cheez will bring a welcome word also.

Root Foundations Talent Show

To mark the last day of the retreat, Root Foundations will organise a talent show. This is an opportunity to perform for the children and parents in the area as well as see the children perform.

Brunch at Hotel Des Mille Collines


A day of relaxation and luxury, hotel Des Mille Collines offers a great brunch buffet. We get to relax by the pool, enjoy the sunshine and some delicious food at one of Kigali's finest hotels.




A driver will collect us in a minibus to each of our activities as part of the retreat. Participants are expected to sort out transportation themselves for any other activities. Travelling around Kigali is very easy: you can pick up a motorbike driver at any time of the day (make sure you set your prices before you get on the bike), you can book yourself a taxi (numbers can be provided) or you can even take the bus. There's a busstop 5 minutes walk from the Bed & Breakfast.

International flight

The international flight is not included in the package. Flights arrive into Kigali airport. There's a few different airlines that fly in that are reliable: RwandAir, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines,... Upon arrival you will be asked to pay £25 or $30 for a 30 day tourist visa. Please pay this in cash. Arrival time can be on different times, because we will have an airport taxi taking each dancer to and from the airport when they arrive and leave.