The Bollo Project

Cultural exchange in dance and music between the UK and The Gambia


In February/March 2017 I travelled to The Gambia to study with dancers from 3 local tribes: The Jolla, The Karondinka and the Wollof tribe. I was invited by Musa Mboob, a well known Gambian percussionist who has been living in the UK for the past 30 years and had received arts council funding for this project. Together with 3 UK musicians and Musa, I worked intensively with the tribal dancers and musicians for two weeks.

Our aim for this project is to create new work, in collaboration with the Gambian artists. In the first steps I worked with each dance group for 2 days, learning some of their steps, choreographies and songs. Most dancers sing and dance simultaneously and it was very rewarding to challenge myself to learn both, especially with the added difficulty singing in a different language. The connection I made with the dancers was beautiful and what began as a collaborative project turned into a lifechanging experience.

On the 27th February I had the honour to dance with both Jolla and Karondinka dancers and musicians.

The Bollo Project is ongoing, as now we are back in the UK we are planning to bring some of what we learnt in Gambia and share it with UK audiences.

You can see us perform:

- 1st July: Lewes, more info following soon