Silvia Salamanca workshops in London


Saturday 23rd March 2019

10am - 12pm Hands, hips and spins, elements of the fire of the Spanish gypsies.

In this workshop we will learn the art of the beautiful hands and arms from flamenco and how to combine it with your oriental dance to add spark to it. Plus, we will get you spinning like a passionate gitana too! Can we ask for more? Yes! A modern time routine based on this ancient time! Ole!

1:15 - 3:15pm All about layers: who knew your body could do that?

Get ready to spice up your dance with the universe of layers! We will break down different approaches to master layers and then we will learn those jaw-dropping combinations that use all the different parts of the body in mesmerizing ways.

3:45pm - 5:45pm With Fire and Passion: Brand new orient dance combinations from the heart and soul of Spain

In this workshop we will fuse the best of both worlds, the beauty, feminity and sensuality of the Arab dancing with the power and energy of the “gitanas” (Spanish gypsies). Bring a skirt, get ready to use it as we learn new ways to kick it and move it!

props: full circle skirt

Sunday 24th March 2019


10am - 12pm The fire of the Spanish gypsies: a Spanish skirt routine (a modern twist for an ancient art)

Have you ever wondered how the gitanas (Spanish gypsies) get to leave everyone speechless when they dance with their skirts? Now you have the chance to find out! In this workshop we will break down the skirt work that united with the arm movements, posture and expression will build up a brand new routine designed to catch the room on fire! Bring a skirt and you best ole!

props: full circle skirt

1:15pm - 3:15pm Spanish props: learn to dance with a "manton" (piano shawl) and a fan!

In this workshop we will break down the proper technique, the steps and the combinations in the use of the “manton” (Spanish triangular shaped shawl) as well as the Spanish fan to build-up and entire routine full of feeling and intensity. Please bring a skirt, a fan and a manton (any triangular scarf big enough to wrap yourself in it will do) … get ready to have fun and shout Ole!

props to bring: fan, full circle skirt and large triangular or square shawl

3:45pm - 5:45pm Filling Your Stage: Modern Dance Techniques to Creatively Embrace Your Space

It has been said that traditional bellydance can be performed on a stage the size of a postage stamp.  Gone are those days!  In this workshop, youwill learn some useful Modern Dance techniques to utilize any dance space, no matter what its size.   Spinning, jumping, and gliding movements will be experimented with and experienced.  The class will culminate with a few beautiful combinations to get you flowing through space.


The Factory Fitness and Dance
407, Horney Road
N19 4DX (map)


£35 per 2 hour workshop

£95 per day

£170 for both days


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