Private Lessons with Hilde Cannoodt

- do you wish to hone your skills as a dancer?
- do you need help with a particular choreography you're working on?
- do you need constructive feedback on technical execution, performance skills and/or improv/choreographic practice?
- do you wish to learn with specific attention to safe dance practice?
- do you want guidance in creating a regular dance practice that suits you?

Private classes might be a great way to acchieve better technique, improve your choreographic and improv skills as well as creating a personal dance practice that works for YOU. Private lessons can be a great substitute or addition to regular attendance of group classes, as attention is 100% on the student's learning.

With over 20 years of experience in the dance sector, Hilde draws from her extensive knowledge in many fields of dance: dance psychology, dance education, dance technique, anatomy, safe dance practice, choreography, choreology, yoga, pilates, improvisation,... She has a BA in teaching (Heilig Hart, Belgium), a BA in Dance And Visual Arts (Brighton University), a diploma in Dance Studies (Laban School Of Dance), a diploma in Choreological Practice (Laban School of Dance) and a diploma in Unity Yoga (Unity school of Yoga, 200hrs accreditation, IYN recognised).

As a dancer, Hilde has trained extensively in tribal fusion, ATS, Egyptian Dance, contemporary dance (release, Silvestre), jazz, hip hop, house, ballet, flamenco,...

'The structure of a private class completely depends on the needs of the student. Before our first session, I will ask specific questions to find out what the student's needs are. Over the course of our sessions, different approaches might be applied, each time with the purpose of learning in whichever area that might need attention. A student could benefit strongly from just one session, or from a series of sessions depending on what the aims of the student are. A popular choice that students opt for is to show one of their works in order to receive very detailed feedback, in which case just one session could be extremely helpful. Others choose to have a series of classes in order to build up their own practice and have a check in each week to evaluate their progress as well as receive new exercises to add to their daily practice. A realistic personal plan is created in those situations, that works well with the lifestyle and daily routine of the student.'

I’ve been a student of Hilde’s for years, and came to her for a private lesson to finalise a solo choreography I’d created. She worked with me to bring more dynamism and refinement to the piece, drawing upon her wealth of experience in choreography and performance. It helped enormously to bring my vision to life, as well as building my confidence in performing the routine.

Private lessons are a great way to hone in on specific strengths and weaknesses. Hilde was precise in her feedback, which I’ve continued to apply in my dance practice, overall improving my technique.

The private session was also valuable to develop my personal style through exploring new ideas in a safe space. With Hilde’s breadth and depth of knowledge and experience across many dance styles, she has helped me push my boundaries in dance. I feel this is particularly important with styles such as fusion bellydance, where technique is key and the possibilities are endless.
— Maria Agathangelou