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Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Michelle Sorensen is a professional Belly Dancer with nearly a decade of dedicated dance training. She began her studies under the direction of Kismet School of Dance (American), Kashmir Dance Company (ATS & Tribal Fusion), Trisha Mcbride (Tribal Fusion and Experimental) and more recently Rachel Brice (8 elements Phases 1 &2, Initiation and Cultivation Certified) and Stephanie Buranek (Cabaret/Egyptian). She has also sought continued instruction through workshops and other events from some of the most innovative dancers in and out of the belly dance scene. Along with bellydance, she has discovered a love for the Aerial Arts, Exotic Dance, Contemporary Dance and Dancehall/Twerk. “Cross-training” in these genres of dance has helped her with stamina, strength, flexibility and finding her own artistic voice. Her life is also occupied with being a mother of 2 sweet little girls who are a constant inspiration to push boundaries and a reminder to explore! She is available for instruction, private lessons and workshops both locally and internationally.




Tribal Cafe

Featuring: Michelle Sorensen, Alexis Southall, Hilde Cannoodt, Masmoudi, Samantha Valentine, Catherine Taylor, Kathy Pearlson, Curious Verses, Holly Carlson and many more!

Friday 31st August

Latest Music Bar
11-14, Manchester Street

doors: 7pm - show: 7.30pm

Tickets: £12 (£14 at the door)


Saturday 1st September

10am - 12pm: Drill Bits
An isolation junkies dream! Come break down isolations with me, and then put them together for some truly mind bending layering! We’ll discuss muscle sharing and proper technique for initiation of all movements covered. This workshop will work both the brain and body, so come ready with a beginners mind.

1pm - 3pm: Milk it
How slow can you go? Start by learning a few combos at mid-tempo, then take parts or all of each and slow them waaaay down. Can you still command attention? It is the INTENTION. We will also talk about how subtle dynamic shifts using fast-twitch movement over stillness can bring your dance to the next level.

3.15 - 5.15pm: ShapeShifter
Tired of the same old movement pathways? Sometimes you need to revisit the basics to make something new! Come experiment with me in dancing phrases made entirely from one shape! An entire combo made only from circles? A whole phrase made only from squares? Learn how one movement can provide an entire section of choreography just by expressing that shape with different parts of the body and in different directions!

Sunday 2nd September

10am - 11.30am: Kotch It If You Can
Come twerk it with me! In this workshop you will learn a fast-paced Jamaican Dancehall inspired fusion choreography. We’ll be moving and sweating a LOT, so dress comfortably!

11.30am - 1pm: Brush Strokes
Arms are often the most neglected part of the body in belly dance. In this workshop, arms will be the focus! Learn how to use your arms to aid in conveying a feeling or telling a story and making them the highlight of your piece. You will essentially be “painting a picture” with them.



2 hour workshops: £35 + £1.5 PP fee
1.5 hour workshops: £26 + £1 PP fee
all day Saturday: £100 + £3.5 PP fee
all day Sunday: £45 + £2 PP fee
all workshopps: £130 + £5 PP fee

Do you wish to avoid the PayPal fees? You can make a payment via bank transfer. Make sure you email hildedancer@gmail.com to let her know that you made a payment, and specify which workshops you are booking for.
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account name: Hilde Cannoodt
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account number: 27084256


Improvers and above. These workshops are aimed for dancers that have a minimum of 6 months of regular Tribal Fusion dance practice under their belts. If you have any doubts about your level, please contact Hilde at hildedancer@gmail.com

Workshop venue

Sports Complex (entrance: temple gardens)
Brighton & Hove High School
Temple Gardens
Brighton (map)