Masmoudi Dance Project - SOLD OUT!

This is your chance to be in an original Masmoudi choreography and to perform as part of the Tribal Remix festival!
Masmoudi company members Charlotte and Hilde will each offer one of their original choreographies for people to learn and also offer the choice to perform it as part of Tribal Remix VII

For Tribal Remix VII you get a chance to learn one or both of the following choreographies:
- an original tribal fusion choreography by Hilde Cannoodt
- an original tribal fusion choreography by Charlotte Wassell

For studentswho wish to learn the choreography without performing at the festival.

Performance participants are required to:
- learn the choreography that will be sent by online video links (after the first workshop)
- be present at all designated workshops, either in with Hilde or with Charlotte or both.
- perform as part of Tribal Remix Salon show on Sunday the 27th May 2018 - at the Latest Music Bar
- invest in costuming (we tend to keep any costs to an absolute minimum, if any)

Students are allowed to be either in one or both choreographies. Those that wish to participate in more than one need to be available for all dates. Please be aware that refunds are not possible.


£40 for the workshop session (learning the choreography) - for those that do not wish to perform (open to 25 people)
£75 for 2 workshop sessions - for those that do not wish to perform (open to 25 people/workshop)

£100 for either Hilde's or Charlotte's performance intensives (includes video links and 10 hours of training)
£180 for 2 choreographies (includes video links for both choreographies and 20 hours of training)

please note: fee does not include costume costs

Payment in instalments is possible!

All performers receive a free video of their performance at Tribal Remix Salon.

We have a no refunds policy, please make sure you check all dates carefully before making a booking.


Hilde's choreography:
10th March 2018:
1.30pm - 5.30pm: learning the choreography (open to 25 people)
12th May 2018: 1.30pm - 4.30pm & 5 - 8pm: formations (open to 12 people)

Charlotte's choreography:
11th March 2018:
12pm-4pm: learning the choreography (open to 20 people)
13th May 2018: 11am - 2pm & 3-6pm: formations (open to 6 people)


The Dance Station
unit 4, 57, North Street
Portslade (near Brighton) - (map)

videos of Masmoudi Performance Project at Tribal Remix V (September 2016)






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