London workshops with Hilde Cannoodt


In September 2018 Hilde moved to Rwanda to immerse herself in Rwandan dance, drumming and teaching dance to Rwandan kids. It has been an amazing and inspiring time for her, creating new ways of moving and sharing with Rwandan artists in different collaborations. In March 2019 Hilde is flying to the UK for a few weeks and she's teaching 3 London workshops on Saturday the 30th March 2019!

Hilde is a fusion dancer at heart, she loves combining different cultures through dance. At the root of her love for dance is and always has been her deep love for belly dance. It is the glue that continues to hold everything together, no matter where her travels and where her interests might take her. To find out more about Hilde’s dance stories, you can follow her on instagram (@hilde.dancer) or check out her blog where she sometimes posts her experiences.

Saturday 30th March 2019

10am - 12pm Shimmies, drills and Combinations

For 2 hours we will shimmy and drill our way through a number of exercises and techniques to create flawless movement. Emphasis will be on agility, speed and precision. Towards the end of class we will learn some dance steps and combinations putting those techniques into practice. This class is great for dancers from any level and any background in bellydance as the techniques can be applied to your own style and your own dance practice.

12:45pm - 2:45pm beautiful arms and hands

The first thing most audiences notice about a dancer they love is the graceful expression of their arms and hands. Often arms are an afterthought and therefore often neglected, yet arms should be thought of as an element just as important as torso techniques, as it puts the icing on the cake. In this workshop we will learn some techniques to create more graceful and fluid arm movements and transitions as well as layering arm patterns to some well known bellydance steps and isolations

3pm - 5pm Transcultural Fusion: Rwandan infused Belly Dance

Over the past 6 months Hilde has been immersing herself into Rwandan culture: training daily with some of the top drummers and dancers in Rwanda! Rwandan dance is what drew her to this beautiful country in the first place, as she was captivated by the effortless way the female dancers floated on stage. The aesthetics reminded her of her own dance style, the rhythm of the feet reminded her of the rhythmic pelvic movements we use in bellydance, the graceful transitions of the arms reminded her of the fluidity in upper body and arms in tribal fusion. She’s been working on creating a fusion style where both styles complement each other and is ready to share it with her students! In this workshop we will focus on some basic traditional Rwandan dance steps as well as basic belly dance steps and towards the end of the class we will learn a sequence where both styles are effortlessly fused together. This workshop is for all levels of dance.

Place to be

The Factory Fitness and Dance
407, Hornsey Road
N19 4DX (map)

Fee and Payment

£25/2 hour workshop
£70 for all three workshops

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