Belly Dance workshop for hen parties

Hilde Cannoodt regularly offers Hen Parties dance workshops. She has taught hundreds of women over the 10 years she has been offering these workshops.

The workshop usually lasts 1.5 hours but can be customised depending on the client's preferences.

you will learn some basic belly dance movements such as shimmies, hip and ribcage isolations. Towards the end we will learn a fun dance routine. This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners, no previous experience is needed.

- hip scarves (coin belts) for all participants
- music (and optionally sound system, if needed)
- optional if still needed: venue

Usually workshops are booked in London or in Brighton, but Hilde can travel all over the UK to teach.

Fees will change depending on location and duration of the workshop and if venue hire is needed. Please get in touch via for more info and bookings