physical activity

Participants are expected to be in good health to embark upon any activity. If you are unsure, please check with your GP!


It is a requirement to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever. But it is also advised to be vaccinated against other diseases. Please check with your GP or a travel clinic or do your own research via the following website.

malaria tablets

Many expats that live in Rwanda as well as the locals do not take malaria tablets as it is costly and not good for the health when taken on a longterm basis. They usually take precautions in trying not to get bitten by mosquitoes. However, if you come to Rwanda for a short period of time, getting malaria could really ruin your trip so it is strongly advised that all participants take malaria tablets. Contact your GP for subscriptions and more information on the different options. Malarone is the most common one.

eating out

Many places in Rwanda that do food do not have the same hygiene standards that we are used to in Europe. This can lead either to minor illness but can also be more serious. My advice is that if you eat out to a place that is unfamiliar, you best avoid raw vegetables when eating out, as it is often washed in unclean water that only the locals can stomach. There are plenty of restaurants though where standards are high. Do some research of your own, Living In Kigali is an excellent website or ask Hilde for more info.


Many people wonder if Rwanda is a safe place to travel to. In 2017, Rwanda was ranked in the top 10 of the safest places in the world. Crime is exceptionally low and there is little to no corruption. The Sunrise B&B is located in Kacyiru near where all government buildings are, so there is plenty of security. However, just as any major city, there are some incidents in Kigali that occur, such as street mugging. Just use common sense: don't be on your phone late at night, don't walk the streets alone late at night, make sure you let people know as to where you are heading should you head out alone, don't let valuables lie in sight when you're out and about in a club or restaurant, ... If you wish to do your own research, visit the UK government website on travel to Rwanda.