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A holistic approach to fitness! DanceFit is a fun exercise class specifically for women, in which aerobics is combined with bellydance, bollywood and African dance for a fun workout. Towards the end of class we will also work on core strengthening with a specific Pilates focus as well as flexibility and body awareness through Yoga postures.

Every Tuesday evening


TUESDAY EVENING: 6:30 - 7:30pm: DanceFit (all levels)

location: Waka Life, KN 72 street (map)

WHAT TO WEAR? Students can wear anything that makes them feel comfortable, as long as it’s easy to move in. Some indoor trainers are also needed. For part of this class we will be using a yoga mat, so if you prefer to use your own mat please bring this along. Mats will be available at the studio.

Course fee: This class is included as part of a full monthly WAKA membership, but it is also possible to pay for a single class at 8k per class.