Brighton belly dance workshop

Come along for a 3 hour belly dance workshop with Hilde Cannoodt. We will work on a vigorous warm up, including strengthening and stretching and working towards a series of tribal fusion isolation combinations as well as travelling sequences. Please be aware that this is not a level 1 class and not suited for absolute beginners. Please get in touch if you're not sure about your level.

With its roots in Jamila Salimpour format, ATS® and American Cabaret, Tribal Fusion Belly dance is a hybrid dance style originated from San Francisco. Eclectically combining elements of street dance, flamenco and contemporary dance, Tribal Fusion is a constantly evolving art form.

Using body isolations to express the music, the embodiment of the musical layers is key in this art form: from percussive to melodic. Contrasting dynamic movement from liquid undulations to sharp hip drops are characteristic to this unique style of dance.

Saturday 2nd September 2017

2pm - 5pm: belly dance workshop with Hilde Cannoodt




The Dance Station
unit 4, 57, North Street
Portslade (map)


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