Sunrise Bed & Breakfast

Sunrise is a peaceful home that has shared & single rooms in the heart of Kacyiru, Kigali. We’re near the American Embassy with many galleries & places of worship nearby. Coffee, nightclubs, & quick transportation options are minutes away.

Traveling around the area is a piece of cake... motorbikes are available at all hours, we can call one of our trusted drivers, you can catch a bus just up the street, or enjoy walking around our safe city & land of 1000 hills.

Available options


Double rooms

We have two double rooms available. These are our premium rooms at a fixed price. Should you wish to bring a partner that is not participating in the dance classes but wishes to come along to the other attractions, please get in touch with Hilde and she will be able to tell you the additional fee. There will not be an additional fee for the room, but the additional fee goes towards transport, Akagera day trip, breakfasts and the brunch at Les Milles Collines.



Twin rooms

There are 3 twin rooms available. These semi private rooms offer people a bit more privacy at a reasonable price. If you have a particular friend in mind who is also joining the retreat, you are welcome to opt for a room together. Please email Hilde to let her know who you wish to share your room with. Please note that one of the twin rooms has a bunkbed.



Dorm room

There is 1 dorm room that holds 3 bunkbeds for 6 people. This is the cheapest option and ideal for those that are on a budget.




breakfast is included in the retreat package. If you wish to order dinner, this can be done in the morning of the day you wish to eat dinner and is at an additional cost of RWF/person. Please let our chef know at which time you will need dinner prepared. If there is a group of you, please agree on a suitable time together as a group and let our chef know in the morning before heading to class.